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Using Our Self-Serve Membership Dashboard

Unlike other tipping companies, with Puntalyser you don’t need to run circles to get your tips, manage your account and get your results – out unique “self-serve” Membership Dashboard gives you access to everything you need to get started and maintain your Subscription.

In fact, you have complete control over every aspect of your Membership and that also means you don’t need to call some bloke in an office somewhere in order to cancel – we let you choose exactly how long and how often you want to stay on board.



When you sign up to Puntalyser we’ll automatically create an account for you and email the details to your inbox.

These are the credentials that you’ll use to log into your account each time you need to get back into the system after changing devices.

Our system will generate a strong password and we suggest that you use a password manager such as LastPass in order to make it easier to keep track of your credentials.

Please do not share your username and password with anyone – as per our Terms and Conditions we will instantly disable the accounts of any Member found to be sharing an account; we’re amongst one of the cheapest Tipping services in the country and we regularly destroy the competition who charge 3-4x as much as we do, so please do the right thing by making sure your friends aren’t sharing as we have a sophisticated set of tools at our disposal to identify account irregularities.

You can change your password at any time, but you’ll need to have access to the email you registered with, or get in contact with one of our Staff via the Live Chat tool.



Our system will generally keep you automatically logged in but if you’ve changed devices, you’ll need to click on the Sign In button at the top of every page and enter your credentials before you’ll be able to access the Members Section.

Once you’re in, you’ll have full access to your dashboard



When you first open the Members Dashboard you’ll be presented with your current lifetime results as well as a reminder of your next renewal date.

These results are taken by calculating how long you’ve been a member and then settling all meetings and Selections at our official SP measure.

Depending on how you’ve gone yourself and whether you picked up better prices, you may actually have significantly better results than what you see here.

We’ve also rolled the membership fee into the total profit calculation, ensuring that you get the actual amount of profit after membership fees.

In this view, you can also see every Tip Release including the current unsettled meetings and an archive of Previous Tip Releases.

By clicking on any of the tabs up the top you can change to the Sub Management and Personal Details tab:



We want to make it easy for Premium Members to control every part of their Subscription which is why our Sub View allows you to change not only your existing Subscription by upgrading or down-grading, but also allow you to cancel from this Dashboard if you’ve had enough.

Whilst we expect most Premium Members to be happy with a month to month Subscription, you may want to take advantage of a discounted quarterly or annual subscription which comes with our real-money Profit Guarantee.

You can switch a Subscription at any time by clicking “Switch Sub” under your desired term and then processing through the Checkout once again.

We’ve also included a list of your orders so that you can see your previous payments and subscription renewals.

If at any time you’re having trouble with any aspect of your Membership, please feel free to reply to any of the emails we send out or get in touch via the Live Chat so that one of our staff members can get you fixed up and back in the game.



Sometimes your Email or Mobile Phone Number change and this is the section of the Members Dashboard where you can quickly and easily make updates to your account and Subscriptions.

If you’re changing your Email then this will where we’ll now send all information including marketing messages, premium offers, Release Sheets, Results Sheets, renewal notifications etc.

You can also update your Mobile Phone Number for late release updates (coming shortly) as well as change your Password by entering a new one here.

The moment that you submit these changes the system will process it for you and make the changes live, so be sure that you have access to the given email address in case you need to change it back.

Of course, if there’s something not quite right here, you can contact us via the Live Chat or by replying to any of the emails we send out and a member of Staff can help you make whatever changes you need to make to your account

Want to get in on the action yourself?

Simply choose the Premium Membership that suits you below, and in two clicks you’ll be part of Australia’s best thoroughbreds tips:

No Contract; Cancel Any Time
  • Basic Membership
  • Per Month

    • The Best Promo Tips Each Week
    • Form-Driven High Value Picks
    • Easy To Follow Selections Sheet
    • Targeting Long-Term 18% POT
    • Sent To Your Inbox Each Race Day
    • 5-15 Tips Each Week
    • Recurs At $149 / Month

Fully Automated Bet Placement!
  • Platinum Membership
  • Per Month

    • Fully Automated Bet Placement
    • 24/7 Direct Betfair Connection
    • Settled At Betfair Starting Price
    • For The Time-Poor Pro Punter
    • Targeting Long-term 15-16% POT
    • 5-15 Tips Each Week
    • Recurs At $396 / Month

From the moment you activate your subscription you’ll have complete access to our Premium Member Dashboard and you’ll begin to receive race-day selections combined with the very best Corporate Bookmaker Promos in Australia.